Have many employees but don’t have adequate arrangements for food and drink? We provide suitable and efficient canteen facility.

What businesses usually come across

  • Repetitive Menu
  • Unbalanced meals
  • Untrained caterers
  • Unhygienic conditions
  • Doesn’t cater to people with special needs
  • Aged ingredients
  • Expensive rates
  • Not flexible

Our Solutions

  • Fresh & Varied Menu -The menu is changed daily and food is served in hygienic and recyclable trays. Feedback is taken to ensure improvement.
  • Balanced and aesthetic - The meal is planned to nourish the body properly while meeting the demands of taste and appearance.
  • Professionally qualified - We have a team of qualified caterers who prepare and serve as per demand.
  • Hygiene & Sanitation - Meals are prepared in highly hygienic environment using the latest technology in terms of cooking and storage.
  • Cater to special needs - If employees have special requirements such as being allergic to certain food items, we walk the extra mile to meet the specific requirement.
  • Fresh ingredients -The food items are sourced from suppliers such that the freshest ingredients are procured.
  • Easy on the pocket - Global food range is provided at economic and competitive rates.

Why Us

  • State-of-the-art cooking equipment - We are equipped with ultra-modern cooking tools and sturdy attractive crockery.
  • Scalable – Whether it is a small gathering or a huge congregation we will cater to it.
  • Mobile – Open to make arrangements onsite to provide food as per convenience.
  • Punctuality – On time delivery is our motto. We have a track record of adhering successfully to deadlines.


Email -, Landline No - 0484-4052369,Mobile - +91 9809993888