Maintenance Service

Whether it is your building, home or office their maintenance is an important matter. Depending upon need we do maintenance on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. If you want your equipment/property to last long and function well, quality and periodic maintenance is vital. We have the latest, advanced repairing & testing systems. The motto is to ensure fast turnaround period, competitive pricing as well as quality repairs.

The gap in the market

  • Poorly trained personnel unable to solve your problem and risk damage to the concerned property
  • Slow and irregular service
  • Leave the place messy
  • Slow pace of work leading to loss of time
  • Lack of experience
  • Maintenance becomes frequent and costly as unsolved issues flare up
  • Improper tools
  • Improper handling of expensive equipment
  • Irregularity in maintenance
  • Unqualified or uncertified technicians

How we help

  • Expertise – Our maintenance technicians know exactly what to look for and quickly fix the problem.
  • Efficient cleaning up – After executing their task our staff will thoroughly clean up the relevant area and put things back in their respective places.
  • Proper tools – You will find that we don’t skimp on investing on the right tools to maintain your assets. This results in proper and correct maintenance services.
  • Well trained – Our staff values your property/equipment. They are well trained to handle the asset with care without causing any kind of damage.
  • Fit within budget – Our team has the expertise to estimate the cost of maintenance at the onset itself. We are able to provide an accurate and realistic budget.
  • Reliable & Transparent -There are no hidden costs from our end. We provide precise cost and time estimation.
  • Efficient service – Maintenance is done within estimated deadline at minimum cost without compromising on quality.
  • Professional Service – Our team members has the requisite qualification and relevant experience to handle any ind of maintenance issue. Maintenance is best entrusted to professionals that we justifiably claim to be.
  • Systematic follow up – Our team will remind you when the maintenance is due through an automated system so that you don’t miss out.
  • Up to date knowledge – Technology keeps changing. In order to survive you need to leverage cutting edge technology. We invest in providing the contemporary training to our maintenance staff and acquire state-of-the-art equipment and tools.
  • Elaborate screening process – To ensure we have the right technical resource we have an elaborate and sophisticated hiring process. Our promise is to deliver the best talent to our valued clients.

Our Services

  • Electrical related equipment maintenance
  • Plumbing related equipment maintenance
  • A/C equipment maintenance
  • Painting
  • Carpentry
  • Fire alarm maintenance
  • CCTV & Intercom systems maintenance


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