Security Services

For any organization physical security is paramount. There cannot be any compromise in this. Whether it is the office staff or office property they need to be effectively protected from harm and damage. Our scope of work includes industrial security, event security, residential security, commercial security, shopping malls, financial institutions, government establishments and more.

Why Us

  • Background Check - A thorough background check is conducted on the security personnel we provide.
  • Well Trained - One cannot afford to have staff learning on the job. The security staff is well trained to perform the assigned duties and handle modern security equipment. Their skills include administering first aid and body frisking.
  • Value for money– High end security is provided at affordable rates. We design a security system keeping your unique requirements is mind.
  • Impeccable track record - A solid reputation has been built by us after years of high-quality service to many valued clients. We are known to be dependable and trustworthy by several credible entities.
  • Up to date with technology – It is imperative to always be a step ahead of the threat. We harness the latest equipment which is leveraged by our security staff to meet any contingency.
  • Experienced and expert security personnel – Our staff is selected after a systematic and rigorous screening and testing process. The staff we deploy have the relevant experience and expertise to deliver on the job.
  • Professionalism - Our staff is constantly vigilant, attentive and spot things that escape others. He/she is instructed to provide assistance when needed even if it is not directly related to his/her scope of work.
  • Courteous and proactive policy – The staff is trained to be diplomatic and treat people with respect and due courtesy. They will prevent adverse events from occurring from happening in the first place rather than simply reacting post the event.
  • Uniform – To make it easy to identify our security staff they would be wearing a distinct uniform.
  • Customer friendly approach - The security staff are trained to look at things from the client's perspective and perform as per their expectations.
  • Physically fit- Our staff is meticulously examined by medical professionals to determine their fitness level and alertness in stressful situations.

Our Services

  • Protect against theft as well as damage to property
  • Maintain register of visitors
  • Protect office staff
  • 24x7 Protection. Security is provided round the clock on all days of the year.
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Alert in case of fire or medical emergencies


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